Mikey Nguyen, Worship Ministry Intern

Mikey was born in Denver Colorado and was raised in Aurora his entire life. He still resides in Aurora and is currently attending Colorado Christian University as a music student.

Mikey is a regular attendee at New Life and is a worship ministry intern at New Life Community Church. Mikey catches himself dreaming a lot, but he has realized in the last three years ever since coming to Christ, that if he just dreams, believes, and has faith, what he once thought was impossible, is now possible through Christ.

A few years ago he was a drop out, druggie, alcoholic, unemployed, and had zero direction in life. Today he is none of those things, and he proudly proclaims his Christian faith and he praises God for all He's done! For he has died to sin and has been given life through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mikey wants to believe he loves much because he has been forgiven much. To sing, to love, to serve is his way of saying "God.. I love You too... Thank you!" 

Email Mikey: mikeybez@gmail.com