Discipleship Class

THE ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (studies in the book of acts)

6:30PM; room 202

Facilitated by obi agomoh

Acts is the history of the church and its energizing
force, the Holy Spirit working in and through the apostles. Come and
see how the gospel gets spread locally and into the entire world.
Contact Obi Agomoh at obiagomoh@gmail.com for more details.


jan 18-april 26;

7:00-8:30PM; Paul lucks house(plucks@nlccaurora.org)

Facilitated by paul lucks

Why does merely understanding and trying hard to follow the example of Jesus often yield little progress--and even less joy and peace? In our time together, you will derive insights from the life of Jesus in the Gospels to uncover the dynamics of becoming Christ-like. You will discover how you can forge much deeper connections with Jesus so that His life begins to permeate your own character. We will examine how we develop Christlikeness in our lives,  It's all about relationship and our seeking to abide in Christ and thus to live as He lived and love as He loved. Contact Paul at plucks@nlccaurora.org if you are interested in being in this class.  There is limited space and therefore limited enrollment.