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Check Yourself:

Feeling disconnected from God / other people?
Experiencing compulsive thoughts or behavior?
Trouble concentrating or sleeping?
Feeling hopeless?
Feel stuck in the same old rut?

Painful marriage conflict?
Painful family problems?
Feeling angry all/much of the time?
Life/emotions seem out of control?
Life doesn’t seem worth while?
Overly anxious/stressed out?


If any of the above apply, then counseling could make a real difference to you.

Pastor Larry Snapp

Pastor Larry Snapp

New Life Community Church Counseling was founded by Larry Snapp as a local counseling ministry to provide people in our community with compassionate, insightful help in dealing with the significant challenges of every day life.

Larry Snapp has been working with people as a pastor and counselor for over fifteen years. He counsels people from diverse and varied backgrounds and life experiences. He works with anyone who is truly interested in receiving help, irrespective of religious preference.

He is on the staff of New Life Community Church and is licensed by the state of Colorado as a professional counselor (L.P.C.). He holds two masters degrees (Th.M. Dallas Seminary and MABC/CCU). He lives in Aurora with his wife and family.

Contact Larry using the form below or call 303-332-4384.

+ Counseling may be for you if you are seeking:

  • healing in relationships
  • mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • freedom from anxiety, guilt or depression
  • improved life skills such as: communication, conflict resolution, parenting and relating to authority
  • help in adjusting to major life changes, such as divorce, death or job change
  • improvement in marriage, family, school or social relationships
  • developing a Christ-centered identity and worth

+ Larry offers these professional services:

  • counseling for individuals, couples, families or other relationships
  • adolescent counseling
  • pre-marital and after marital counseling
  • mediation of conflicts/disputes
  • spiritual direction growth, purpose