Online Parenting Class

As a youth ministry, we are always looking for ways to encourage, support, and invest in parents. One way we do this is by providing an online parenting class through Parent Ministry. Twice a month, those who sign up will receive an email containing a short letter and video. Each email will be focused on helping parents think spiritually about how to invest in their children during the teen years.

We know how busy parents are and this is one resource you can utilize and look at when you have the opportunity. 

Below you are able to sign up for this online parenting class under "Email Sign Ups". Fill in your information and select "Online Parenting Class" option.

Want to keep up-to-date with events going on for your student?  Join these groups on Facebook:

NLSM Parents Page

Power Source - Middle school
CREW - High school

Click HERE for our Parent Resource Sheet. This has important information about New Life Student Ministries AND information on both High School & Middle School Ministries. 

One aspect of our online parenting class is the rites of passage experience (ROPE).  Each grade level (6th - 12th) has strategic resources for parents to utilize in passing down a parent's faith in Jesus to their child. The following is the spiritual focus of each year:

Useful Parenting Links

An informative site containing articles, research/trends, and reviews about current secular and Christian culture.

PluggedIn provides detailed, family-friendly information and reviews on current popular entertainment (music, movies, and video games).

Relevant Magazine features thoughts and articles on God, life, and culture.

This source has Christian-based articles and resources that engage parenting concerns.