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Movie Night: Woodlawn

Can one person really make a difference? Is it possible to overcome hostility and hatred with faith, hope and love? Woodlawn's inspiring answer to these questions is a resounding yes. Though the context of this movie—which is based on a true story—is football, its lessons apply to so much more than gridiron grappling. Namely, that if we can choose, in faith, to love others even when they are doing anything but loving us, we can change the world. Woodlawn pictures what that kind of love looks like in action. Whites and black separated by prejudice embrace one another and work as a team. Rival teams and coaches who once despised one another become brothers in arms. And a city torn by strife takes some significant steps toward reconciliation. All because of the fire lit by one man who chooses to do a courageous thing: share his faith and encourage others to do the same. The result of sharing our faith with others may not become the stuff of movies. Probably it won't. Still, in telling the story of one such result, Woodlawn challenges us to do so anyway.

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