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Movie Night - American Gospel: Christ Alone

An excellent documentary that not only presents the truth of the gospel, but shows you Biblically the false gospels that run rampant in America.


This documentary touches on the subtle legalism of "doing good works" in the church as if that saves you. We see the difference between the Roman Catholic system of adding works to the grace of salvation. We see the dangerous and sad prominence of the Word of Faith/Prosperity gospel movement that most unbelievers identify as Christianity. All of this is done in an amazing fashion: There is no narrator driving the film; the interviews, graphics, and beautifully shot scenery drive the narrative. Even the false teachers are shown in their own words (sometimes it shocks you to hear Todd White, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and others say the most unbiblical things). There are wonderful interviews and great testimonies from church goers and an especially compelling interview with a wife and husband whose faith have grown through the gut-wrenching physical ailments of the wife. This film never makes light of the false gospels presented (in terms of being mean spirited or mocking); they just show through the truth of scripture and the testimonies of the faithful that the gospel is indeed the power of God unto salvation. This is a must see movie for all Christians. (139 min)

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