Awana 2019/2020    Sept. 18 - May 13

6:15 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.   

You can also come on Wednesday nights once we have started and register anytime through the Awana year!



The goal of AWANA is to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. The purpose of AWANA is two-fold: Evangelism and Training.


To draw boys and girls from the surrounding community into the club ministry where they may hear the gospel and accept Christ as Savior.


To prepare clubbers to help fulfill the Great Commission through the outreach to the lost, service to the local church, development of leadership qualities, personal spiritual growth, and knowledge about God and Bible.


Bible knowledge personally applied:  While AWANA has many activities to interest boys and girls, such as games and special activities, the heart of the program is Bible memory work. Believing that God means what He said when He promised to bless His Word, AWANA encourages the clubbers to hide His Word in their hearts. The clubber handbooks contain between 30 and 90 verses depending on the age group, with material becoming increasingly harder as they get older. But not to worry, clubbers will find that they become more comfortable with the memorization process as they move from club to club.


You can click on the registration button at the top of the page to register online or fill out a form which you can print from here or pick up registration forms at either of our Welcome tables.

Registration Fee: Our club has a one time registration fee which includes their first book, candy, special nights, store items and awards for the entire year. $40 for first child at beginning of club / $35 for each additional child in same family. New Life Regular attenders fee is $35 for first child, and $30 for each additional child in same family.   Awana leaders fee is $25 for each child!  If you are interested in joining our team of leaders please contact Cathy (Director of New Life Kidz) at 303 368-7567 or email at

Kids are welcome to join anytime throughout the year. These fees will go down as we go through the year (see below):

After November 6th- $35  
After January 15th- $30  
After Feb 26th- $25

Visit Awana

If you would like your child to visit before registering please print this form and bring it to club.  They can visit up to 3 times before we ask for them to register.  Click here to print a Visitor form!

Are you planning on registering a cubbie?

For the safety of our 3 and 4 year olds we will be having them go through our KidCheck sign-in system on Awana night.  This means anyone that has a Cubbie will need to set up an account through KidCheck. Each week it will print out a nametag and a guardian slip which you will need to pick up your child. We are wanting to do everything we can to be sure your child is safe!