The Options Program is not affiliated with New Life Community Church. It is an Aurora public school that uses New Life's facilities. 

Options Central Office and Bookroom: 303-340-0666
11351 E. Montview Blvd, Aurora CO, 80010


New Life is home to two Options sites:

Iliff Options - K-9th grade (Mondays)

New Life Options - K-12th grade (Fridays)

The Options Program & Homeschooled Children: A Special Partnership


What is Options?

The Options Program is part of the Aurora Public Schools district and is open to all K-12th grade students. It is designed to assist parents as they home-school their children by offering certain classes.

For elementary and middle school age children, Options is an enrichment program that is 20% of a student’s home-school education.

For high school students, Options provides full credit classes that can count toward graduation.

Families participating in the Options Program receive the instructional classes and most materials at no cost.

Children enrolled in Options are considered part-time students of the Aurora Public Schools. Students may live in any school district to enroll in the Options Program.

What are some of the benefits of the program?

  • Textbooks. Parents can borrow curriculum from the extensive book room for home-school use. Most books are no cost. When required for classes, textbooks are provided. For more information about books available, click here.

  • Testing. Options offers the IOWA tests of Basic Skills for children in grades 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. The PSAT is offered to 10th/11th graders. Each is offered for a fee and is optional.

  • Community. The program is a great way to connect with other homeschooling families and some sites offer a parent’s club. This may also include optional field trips on non-school days to a variety of places.

  • A day off for homeschooling moms/dads while students receive a classroom experience.

Sites offer a variety of classes* that may include:

  • Hands-on science

  • Music- instrumental and vocal

  • PE

  • Art

  • Writing

  • Ameritowne

  • International Towne

  • Spanish

  • Math for upper levels

  • Drama

  • Self-contained Kindergarten

  • Robotics/Legos

 *subjects vary by site

Students in grades 9-12th may be eligible to take college or university classes for free ( though parents must pay for books and fees) through the Concurrent Enrollment Program with pre-approval from an Options administrator. There is also the opportunity to take classes at Pickens Technical College. Students must attend the program for one year to be eligible for these types of classes.

For enrollment information, contact: 

Mindy Prichard (, 720-838-7603 or
Lisa McKenna (

Joe Burton, principal and director of Options, is a retired Aurora Public Schools principal with over 45 years of experience.